Postcards - individual print in Uaprint

Individual postcard is always better than mass one. Large circulation postcards are not unique. Postcards carry esthetic and emotional content, and not just informational. Invariably in all cases: postcard should stick in memory, be unusual and beautiful. We constantly print greeting cards for holidays and celebrations, official events, meetings, forums, exhibitions and conferences. Postcards print is performed on dense coated paper and designer cardboard. We use digital printing, which gives significant advantages: postcards in any batches, including very small, in short time, personalizable postcards, i.e. each copy comes out with the name and other personal data of the particular recipient. And we personalize for free. It is very convenient to use when sending is dedicated to ceremonial event, and it is necessary to indicate a lot of names and addresses of recipients. Additionally, we can add glitter and gloss for postcards using lacquering, lamination, foil stamping, and die cutting of irregular shape. You can perform calculation of the postcards cost and place your order for printing online. We send finished order within one day by the international post.

Postcard print quickly