Catalogs - small circulation print .

Printing of catalogs gives us the ability to adequately visualize all the necessary information about the company, its services or products, creating a positive image of the company and informing customers and partners. Digital catalogs printing gives a vivid original view, allows diversifying advertising information with color images or emphasizing its strict, business and exquisite style. Pages of catalogs can be sewed together in various ways. Termobinder is seamless adhesive bonding of sheets for catalogs with the number of sheets starting from 20. Bonding with spiral is winding of a metal spring on sheets; it is used to bond extra thick catalogs or in cases when it is necessary to completely turn the sheet of a catalog. Spring is original when creating representative promotional products, menu for the cafe. Bonding with bracket is the most economical and fastest way acceptable for catalogs with a small amount of loose pages. Hardcover. Creation of such a coverĀ is a process when cardboard is covered with coating, and as a result the catalog gets finished look. Hardcover is the most expensive and the most beautiful type of cross-linking of catalogs for long-term and continuous use, or for emphasizing high level of the enterprise. We can lacquer and laminate covers and inner pages of catalogs that add catalogs presentability and prolong lifespan. You can calculate printing of catalogs on the site, price is shown immediately. Order your print of catalogs directly online. We produce quickly, complete parcels with the finished product and send by the international post.

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