Pocket calendars - quick digital print.

Pocket calendars print. Pocket calendar is easy to manufacture, inexpensive and very convenient promotional material that you can always present as a keepsake to a possible business partner during a business meeting, participants of the presentation or exhibition, which demonstrates your products. On a small area calendar you can specify all basic information about the manufacturing products or services which are rendered by the company, as well as contact details which interested potential customers could use to contact you. Standard pocket calendar is made with the size of 100x70 mm and is produced of a coated paper with density of 300 grams. Pocket calendars print is performed on digital equipment with bright colors presentation. You can order regular rectangular calendars or with rounded corners. Also, if needed, you can order laminated and lacquered pocket calendars, which will last much longer, while maintaining their shape and brightness of colors. Evaluate the cost of the calendars batch yourself - online price calculation is available on the site. You can place your order for the right amount of pocket calendars directly on the website. Average order fulfillment is carried out during the day, which is especially important in the context of a temporary shortfall, which occasionally occurs. We will promptly send calendars by the international post.

Pocket calendar print quickly