Flyer - high quality printing in the printing house \'UAprint\'.

Advertising leaflet - flyer. We use it as a popular name of handouts during promotions. Flyers are used as admission tickets, coupon codes for events or parties. Flyers are inexpensive and effective way to inform the target audience, and that's why so popular. The standard size is 10 by 21 cm. We decided to save money and offer a bit smaller manufacturing size by default: 9.9 by 21 cm. If you do not like this size - it will be easy for us to print yours! The most practical flyers print is made on paper with density 130 grams. It is not too thin, but not too thick paper, so the costs are adequate. Manufacture of serious flyers - on thick paper and very serious ones - on designer cardboard. The thickness of paper is important thing, but controversial, it is much more important to create the design in such a way so those who get it wouldn't thrown out flyers, but neatly fold them into their personal flyers stock. How is performed printing of flyers? You click "order" and production of flyers begins! Forgot to write something or found any mistakes? Your flyers will be with mistakes. But do not worry - it is much more interesting to find mistakes in the final batch. And the more is batch, the more interesting it is. The flyers print itself is a long and complex process. To get a bright color flyer set of colors has to be applied on the paper, and each color should be in its place. You can calculate the price of a flyer on this page.

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